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All work published in Public Seminar is edited, and may be subject to fact checking: please include links to any source that has informed your work. Research when appropriate to make our job easier. While Public Seminar does review full submissions, if you are writing specifically for us we strongly recommend that you send us a pitch first. Submissions and pitches should be sent to

While Public Seminar does review full submissions, if you are writing specifically for us we recommend that you  send us a pitch first.

The following conditions apply to both solicited and unsolicited submissions:

  • Essays and reviews should be 800-2000 words and written for a general audience. We do occasionally consider a longer piece.  Submissions must be in Microsoft Word format or a Google Doc. We do not normally print footnotes or citations: if you believe your work requires them, please explain why. 
  • Public Seminar is not an image-heavy platform. Please check with us before submitting an essay that depends on numerous images or on videos. We only publish images to which we  have legal rights: please do not send images that you have taken off the internet.
  • Normally, we do not accept an essay that is also under consideration elsewhere. Please let us know if this is a simultaneous submission. 
  • Public Seminar does reprint essays published elsewhere, as well as selections from books. But publication is contingent on authors demonstrating that they can assign rights, or Public Seminar obtaining those rights independently.
  • A member of the editorial team will review all pitches and full submissions and contact an author within one business day.
  • Publication is contingent on timely completion of revisions by the author.
  • Your editor will work with you on setting deadlines.
  • Authors must submit a short (one-sentence) bio and, if applicable, Twitter handle to be published with their submission.
  • Authors may suggest a title or subtitle, but Public Seminar reserves the right to choose any titles and images.
  • All essays published in Public Seminar become the property of Public Seminar, subject to a Creative Commons license. We only remove essays for cause, such as the discovery that an essay is unfactual, plagiarized, or defamatory. We do not remove essays because the author no longer supports the views they have published on our platform.
  • Public Seminar regrets that it cannot pay all of its authors. We do pay students, and people who are contingently employed, $200 for an article that is accepted for publication. If you think you are eligible for payment, please notify us early in the submissions process.