Few predicted the unlikely ascendance of Donald Trump to the U.S. presidency, and fewer still can predict what he may say or do this afternoon or tomorrow. Undoubtedly, the age of Trump is an age of uncertainty, though if there’s still one thing we may hold onto, it’s being against Trump and what he represents. It has been a shockingly chaotic first year, and even threats of nuclear war have begun to feel normalized. #AgainstTrump is a conspectus of our resistance to normalization.

The authoritarian bent of the president—evident in his dictatorial tweets, his nepotistic family affiliations, and his shady business dealings before and after his oath of office—poses a singular threat to liberalism in the West, and it is our imperative, as citizens committed to democratic values, truth, and human rights, to resist.

And yet the fight against Trump is hardly a united front. Professor of political science at Indiana University, Jeffrey C. Isaac argues that the dangers posed to liberal democracy by illiberal forces today, from Trump as well as from his authoritarian counterparts in France, Poland, and Turkey, warrant a democratic solution. In this book he articulates a politics that bridges the gap between liberalism and leftism, pointing the way towards a more productive disagreements and a meaningful coalition.

To acknowledge the challenges of globalization, to confront fear of the foreign and the foreigner, and to defend the deep meaning of words and the possibility of truth: that is to be for liberal democracy and Against Trump.