Fall 2023 Student Internships at Public Seminar!

Full Scholarship 3 Credit Internships for Fall 2023 at Public Seminar

Public Seminar is the online publication of the New School. Our website features a variety of daily posts on a variety of topics. The weekly “issue” highlights featured pieces that have been rigorously edited, in order to appeal to a general audience of non-specialist readers who are interested in the issues of the day.

Every semester, Public Seminar awards credit-bearing internships to three students with a demonstrated interest or experience in publishing and journalism. The internships are open to any interested student currently enrolled in a graduate program at the New School. Advanced undergraduates and Public Seminar interns from Spring 2023 are also eligible to apply to become interns in Fall 2023. All interns will be awarded a scholarship for the course, to cover the cost of the three credits.

The internship offers students an opportunity to learn by doing, in a collaborative framework, working with professionals as well as other students. Members of the Public Seminar editorial team, including James Miller and Evangeline Riddiford Graham, will mentor all interns. Students will learn how to line-edit and copy-edit pieces of writing, and will also be taught how to post pieces online. Attention will also be paid to marketing and social media, which increasingly form an important aspect of successful publishing. Internships last for fifteen weeks, and require roughly 10 hours of weekly work. Students will be asked to attend editorial meetings occasionally. They will also be invited to prepare and write a piece or two for Public Seminar.

Applicants should describe their prior publishing experience as well as their interest in working collaboratively on a close-knit, collegial team that already includes, besides the faculty leadership, students from NSSR and Lang. For the Fall 2023 semester, we expect that work will be done primarily on campus, but also possibly online: this depends on the course of the pandemic and the effectiveness of the school’s vaccination efforts.

Finalists will be interviewed, via Zoom, by members of the Public Seminar team.

Applications should submit a letter of interest, along with a CV and the name of a faculty reference, to James Miller at millerje@newschool.edu. Our deadline for applications is Monday, April 3, 2023 at 5 pm.