#Charlottesville: White Supremacy, Populism and Resistance

#Charlottesville: Before and Beyond is the first book published about the August 2017 violence, known as the Unite the Right rally, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Included are essays both previously published on Public Seminar and independently commissioned, which grapple with the divisive implications, the underlying motivations, and the complicated forces at work in the turmoil — and even fatal violence — that occurred.

“A crucially timely volume . . . essential for all concerned citizens.” —Chris Lebron, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Johns Hopkins and author of The Making of Black Lives Matter: A Brief History of An Idea

“It’s one thing to deplore the events at Charlottesville and another to probe the circumstances that rendered them possible. This book admirably fulfills the second need without ever losing sight of the first.” —Nancy Fraser, Henry and Louise A. Loeb Professor of Philosophy and Politics at the New School for Social Research, author of Fortunes of Feminism: From State-Managed Capitalism to Neoliberal Crisis

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