PS is now two weeks old and still developing. We have made remarkable progress in realizing our mission, constituting, as we put it on our “About” page: “A corner of the web confronting the pressing problems of the day…seeking to inform debate by any means necessary, using short form posts and long form essays, audio and video reports and discussions, linking to provocative materials of critical public interest anywhere we can find them. We are committed to creating a distinctive intellectual community, suspicious of clichés, informed by diverse experiences, theoretically heterodox, politically plural, worldly”

I find the range and depth of our posts in these first weeks particularly exciting. From a sociological critique of the cult of the entrepreneur, by Robin Wagner Pacific to Nancy Fraser’s essay “Against Anarchism,” from Dick Bernstein’s lecture on evil to Emanuele Castano’s review on empathy. There has been a post that I believe is itself a work of art, Hugh Raffles on transformation, and Cinzia Arruzza has presented two critical pieces, a blog post on a street performance and an article on Banksy’s street art. We covered the Talk Turkey conference with video posts by Hakan Topal, including an interview with Michael Hardt after the conference, and much more.

Not bad for two weeks work, intense though they have been. Yet, there is still much left to be done. We are still constructing the site to facilitate our larger ambitions. We are hoping for more active replies to the posts. We are trying to get the word out about PS through social media, but need to do much more.  Please like us on our Facebook page, tweet about our work, share posts with friends and colleagues. We will be more actively reaching out to the greater New School community, faculty, students and alumni, and also far beyond, all those who view our mission is theirs.

And now I ask, as the editor, what do you think should be done? Ideas for posts and other contributions are welcome, ideas for direction and strategy as well. This is our opening. I am looking forward to many walking through, joining in the common project, and contributing.