Michael Hardt at the Occupy Solidarity and Global Consequences panel  and here in an interview after the conference, argues that since 2011 — different from previous “nomadic” global movements — these new protests have been rooted in territory, demand a new definition of publicity and commons beyond the false “public/private” separation. Furthermore, with their “multitude” form, these occupations and encampments have provided a real ground where protestors constituted an inclusive and egalitarian togetherness characterized by their demands for “real democracy.”

In fact, Occupy movements revealed that there could be a different kind of politics, which is interactive, inclusive, energetic, welcoming, decentralized and creative. Perhaps, the idea is not to provide direct answers through old political tools and methods, but rather to show that there are new social possibilities that transcend current repressive political systems and party politics. In this follow up interview, I asked Michael Hardt a series of questions concerning the future of these movements, the idea of continuity, and the possibility of new institutional and leadership models. –Hakan Topal

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