How many people marched against Trump yesterday? I’ve seen no overall figure, but by adding up the numbers from major cities and extrapolating to the whole country, it looks like at least 4 MILLION people were in the streets. I looked at news reports from 50 cities listed below, many of which are somewhat conservative estimates. THE TOTAL CAME TO 3.3 MILLION PEOPLE. I couldn’t find estimates for some large cities like St. Petersburg, Tampa, Jacksonville, Tucson, Tulsa, Cincinnati, and Bakersfield, each of which had marches. There were also hundreds of marches in smaller and medium size cities and even small towns. So it seems reasonable to estimate that at least 4 million people were in the streets on Saturday. This is likely the largest mass protest in U.S. history, unless you count Labor Day parades in the 1940s and 1950s, and I’m not even sure those were larger overall.

Washington, DC 1,000,000
Los Angeles 750,000
New York City 400,000
Chicago 250,000
Boston 175,000
Seattle 120,000
Denver 200,000
San Francisco 100,000
Twin Cities 100,000
Portland (Oregon) 100,000
Madison (Wisc) 75,000
Oakland 100,000
Atlanta 60,000
Philadelphia 50,000
Austin 50,000
San Diego 40,000
San Jose 25,000
Des Moines 25,000
Sacramento 20,000
Houston 20,000
Phoenix 20,000
Nashville 15,000
Cleveland 15,000
Ft. Worth 15,000
Pittsburgh 15,000
Omaha 12,000
Miami 10,000
Charlotte 10,000
New Orleans 10,000
St. Louis 10,000
Dallas 8,000
Honolulu 8,000
Memphis 6,000
Oklahoma City 6,000
Las Vegas 5,000
Indianapolis 5,000
Kansas City 5,000
Lexington, KY 5,000
Louisville 5,000
Baltimore 5,000
Detroit 4,000
Columbus (Ohio) 4,000
Orlando 3,000
Wichita 3,000
Buffalo 2,500
Anchorage 2,000
San Antonio 1,500
Richmond (Va) 1,000
Milwaukee 1,000
Jackson, Mississippi 1,000