I was lucky to participate in Poughkeepsie New York’s wonderful Women’s March across the Hudson. It took place on the fabulous Walkway, which spans the river from Poughkeepsie to Highland NY. Thousands walked — some estimates put it at around 6,000 — and the atmosphere was truly uplifting. Clever signs, music, friendly faces, help from the fabulous volunteers, the police, and the state park workers all contributed to the mood.

Special congratulations are due to organizers Lisa Kaul and Paulina Bren, who kept at it as the numbers swelled, making it such an inspirational event. When the organizers began two weeks ago, one person estimated that 25 people would show up, another put it at 100. Within a week it was closing in at 1,000. To deal with the growing numbers, the organizers had to secure extra parking spaces, obtain the proper amount of insurance and police protection, and figure out how to make sure that marchers obeyed all the rules of this public parkway. They then had to fund raise to cover the increasing expenses.

All of this came together on Saturday, resulting in such a positive experience that most came away energized and determined to resist the Trump agenda, which threatens the rights and the wellbeing of American women. As many of the signs pointed out, Trump threatens the rights and well-being of all who want to live peacefully in a world that guarantees civic, political, and social rights for all, and a decent environment for future generations.