I’m striking on March 8th not only in protest of Trump but also, and in a more important sense, in protest of the neoliberal conditions which made his presidency viable and ultimately successful, and which today make his presidency so pernicious.

I’m striking on March 8th to cast the light of collective action on the many feminized forms of labor on which we crucially depend but which are either devalued or not formally valued at all in our market economy.

I’m striking on March 8th for the creation of a new grassroots international feminism that has at its core a radical, intersectional, class-based politics, an all-inclusive feminism for the 99%, that is not merely *against* but is *for* something — and that something is the emancipation of the entire working class.

I’m striking on March 8th for a transformative justice for those in our society who are most oppressed, those who are POC, indigenous, Muslim, LGBTQIA, immigrant, gender-nonconforming, disabled — a justice that seeks to transform, rather than reproduce, the conditions & power structures which created and continue to maintain those oppressions.

I’m striking on March 8th to call attention to the ways in which all oppressions (rendered so stark by Trump’s presidency that no one can any longer plausibly deny their existence and their material harm), the ways in which all oppressions, though importantly different, are interconnected and what connects them in this nexus is capitalism.

I will not “lean in” to corporate culture; I will attempt to disrupt it.