….Not shop at corporate or any stores controlled by men.

I will go to our surviving lively & lovely women’s bookstore, Antigone Books.

I will wear purple.

And a red scarf.

I will keep wishing women I encounter

a Happy International Women’s Day,

and a Happy March is Women’s Herstory Month!

I will tell our local “community” radio station, KXCI, that pre-empting their 1 hour of Amy Goodman in order to air local women discussing important local and national women’s concerns ~ rather than pre-empting 1 hour of 23 hours of music all day and night long ~ is inappropriate to say the least if they wish to honor women.

Sad to say……it is women at the station making that choice!!

I will tell NPR that reporting (albeit way too briefly) on the Women’s Strike today without mentioning International Women’s Day or that March is Women’s Herstory Month is inappropriate.

But based on the KXCI model………….. will women in charge generally, some day, automatically be as good as we’d hope?



Just as women calling each other “you guys” is discouraging after all the years of ongoing struggle to become visible and take up our space as women ~ not honorary males ~ which is somehow imagined as raising women’s status, but is actually internalized sexism. It only serves to continue demeaning us.

We still need consciousness raising.