“One of the things that’s so interesting about Democracy and social media today is that it’s a paradox… I think all the possibilities for social media being a democratic space are still there, but recent history suggests that social media has also been complicit in foreclosing Democracy, not just in the United States but in Eastern Europe…”

–Claire Potter, Professor of History at NSSR and Executive Editor at Public Seminar

Last week we met up with Public Seminar Publisher and Founding Editor Jeffrey Goldfarb, a longtime TCDS Professor, and filmed his conversation with NSSR History Prof. and Public Seminar Executive Editor, Claire Potter about vital issues she will be exploring in her upcoming Democracy & Diversity Institute course Democratic Crisis and the Politics of Social Media. Click below for the full interview. For more information about this year’s Democracy & Diversity Institute which will take place at the New School summer campus in Wroclaw, Poland from July 6-22, 2018, including the full program and course descriptions, click here. Feel free to email us at tcds@newschool.edu with any questions about the program or application process. We hope to see you in Wroclaw!



This article was originally published by the Transregional Center for Democratic Studies.