March 8th, We Strike!

New York is an affluent city, rich in many ways, a global hub of business, finance and commerce, and home for the highest number of billionaires. However, it is not the top 1% who keep this city alive, but the millions of workers. Their labor is essential to make the city move, yet poorly paid and little recognized. This is especially true for women’s labor. Women constitute the majority of low wage laborers. And women do the major share of unpaid care and housework. Immigrant women, particularly undocumented ones, remain the most exploited.

We believe we must make a stand. Women are subject to the most intense forms of exploitation, dispossession and oppression. However, we also retain the power to shut the city down and we have the will to prove it. When working class women, immigrant women, black women and women of color, lesbians, and trans women stop, everything stops!

Therefore, on Thursday, March 8th, we call for the 2nd International Women’s Strike. We strike for women’s rights, reproductive justice and a life free of violence. We strike for equal pay, a living wage and against the exploitation of women’s labor. We strike for full social provision and for equal rights for undocumented immigrants. We strike for racial justice and against the police state. We strike for the self-determination of the peoples of the world, against imperialism and extractive neo-liberal policies in the global south.

March 8th will be a day of feminism for the 99%, a day of mobilization for the unemployed and the low-waged; precarious workers; care and domestic workers; unpaid caregivers; sex workers and undocumented immigrant workers.

  • From 4:00-5:00 we call women and their allies to STRIKE from all labor, both paid and unpaid.
  • At 5:00 we will RALLY at Washington Square Park, featuring speakers from our diverse coalition, including feminist grass-root organizations, worker centers, cooperatives, unions, immigrant rights groups, community based organizations and socialist groups.
  • At 6:00 we will MARCH through Manhattan, stopping at symbolic sites including The Stonewall Inn, Wendy’s, Varick Street Immigration Court, and The Pleasure Chest in solidarity with current and historic struggles.

Who we are: The International Women’s Strike (IWS) is an anticapitalist network of women in more than fifty countries. We understand ourselves as part of a new international movement from below, building a working class feminism. IWS chapters across the US, and in several other countries such as Argentina, Brazil, the Spanish State, Poland, Italy, and the UK, are calling for a women’s strike on March 8th. To learn more about us, our platform, and the goals of the strike, visit the IWS website. For latest updates on strike, rally, and march, follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Additional information and material will be provided at our information desk at the rally.

Join Us!

For how to participate click here or here for Spanish.


In this project, IWS-NYC members perform interviews with women organizers from worker centers and cooperatives, as part of a process of militant knowledge co-production. We are particularly interested in unpacking the conditions that both enable and limit autonomous labor organizing and self-determination, as well as the way in which feminist and class struggle co-constitute each other. Ultimately, we would like to address the ways in which both interviewers and interviewees practice — and envision the possibilities for — collective action, as a way of transforming the conditions of the working majority. In particular, those who experience the most acute forms of exploitation and dispossession: women, immigrants, and low wage workers.