We are delighted to announce that we have re-designed the New School Histories website.  The site features a more compelling design, a tagging system that brings together materials about particular topics, and an expanded search function — all thanks to the website developer Katerina Vaseva, a New School alum. People is a collection of biographies of people who passed through the school; the Reader features materials created by those people. Histories gathers posts that discuss the school’s past, many written by students; Reflections and Analysis features reminiscences, scholarly commentary, and opinion. Katya also re-designed the online version of the 2014 exhibition Offense + Dissent, now part of an expandable Projects section of the Histories site.
The re-designed website is the result of a close partnership between faculty and the university archives, whose director and staff have contributed their expertise in re-imagining the design, navigation, and organization of the site, and who will now manage the site’s technical requirements and join the editorial team. This partnership also brings the site into close alignment with the rich collections in the New School Archives, guiding users to the well of resources available in the archives when they wish to delve further into subjects encountered on the site. In addition, a section of the site, In the Archives, will offer a window into the work of archives staff as they collect, organize, describe and make available primary sources documenting all parts of the institution.
We want to thank Mary Watson and Stephanie Browner for their financial support, without which we could not have done this work. If you encounter any difficulty with the site or see any errors, please let us know. And we love contributions!