In recent years, the tradition of Italian biopolitical thought has become immensely popular and increasingly influential. Most interpreters, however, focus on thinkers such as Agamben, Esposito, and Negri, while the contribution of Italian feminist movement is most often neglected. Another Mother: Diotima and the Symbolic Order of Italian Feminism , brings to light a neglected lineage of Italian biopolitical thought, that of the militant feminist collective called  “Diotima.”

Indeed, very few readers outside Italy will be familiar with the work of Muraro, Ionzi, or Dalla Costa. This book hopes to change that. For reasons that will become clear to the reader, the feminist stances defined by these women have a particularly vital contribution to make to biopolitics, gender struggles and emancipatory politics.

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Cesare Casarino and Andrea Righi, Eds., Mark William Epstein, trans., Another Mother: Diotima and the Symbolic Order of Italian Feminism, (Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2018). Copyright 2018 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota. Used by permission of the University of Minnesota Press.