On Mother’s Day the Granny Peace Brigade sang to commuters passing through New York’s Grand Central Station about the need to end all wars.

About two dozen women joined by a couple men gathered in a semi-circle, where they sang such songs as “We Rage to End All War,” “Take Me Out of the War Game,”and “Let Our Children Grow.”

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Modeled on the Raging Grannies of Tucson, AZ, the Granny Peace Brigade formed in 2005 to protest the war in Iraq.

Copyright © 2019 Jo Freeman

They passed out flyers pointing out that Mother’s Day can be traced to a Proclamation Against War written in 1870 by Julia Ward Howe because she was horrified by the carnage of the civil war. A woman from CodePink passed out its 2019 Peace Proclamation.

Copyright © 2019 Jo Freeman

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  1. HI JO! I just now saw this great photo you took quite awhile ago. Actually, it’s of the NYC METRO RAGING GRANNIES, not the Granny Peace Brigade. I was there!

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