It was noisy in downtown DC as several groups protested at the annual meetings of the World Bank Group (WBG) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF).  After its birth in 1944, the WBG grew to a consortium of five international organizations whose primary purpose is to make loans to developing countries, under certain conditions.  The IMF also loans money.

Headquartered in a complex of buildings in Washington, DC, the WBG and the IMF meet all over the world, often sparking protests.   Most meetings are in DC as are most of the protests.

Protests at the October 10-16 meetings in DC were small but colorful. I only went to the one on October 15.  Protest central was at Edward R. Murrow Park, a grassy triangle a hundred feet from a main WBG building.  

The cardboard head is that of David Malpass, President of the WBG
The WBG is in bed with big oil, is the message of this prop

The registration entrance for actual delegates was two blocks away, protected by DC police from interference by protestors.

Cancel the Debt is a perennial demand.  This year Climate Change had the top spot.

People gathered at 7:30 a.m. where they were fed and feted.  At 9:00 they marched six blocks to the DAR Memorial Hall where delegates to the Annual Meetings were holding a plenary.

As a couple dozen people gathered in front of the Hall, others painted CLIMATE EMERGENCY on the street in front.

Returning to the park an hour later, they rallied.

Before marching around four city blocks – twice.

By 2:00 it was over, for the time being.  More will come.

In the meantime, a few dozen people protested against Tigray genocide across the street, directly in front of the WBG building.  While both groups were small, both had very loud amplifiers.  Noise made up for numbers.

Jo Freeman is a feminist scholar and author.
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