The New York Democratic primary won’t be held until April 28, but Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D. MA) is already recruiting New York voters.

Thousands came to cheer when she spoke in Washington Square Park Monday night.

Washington Square Park is a difficult place to hold a large rally, with its big fountain in the middle and lots of closed off spaces for special activities.

But the Arch on the northern boundary makes a great backdrop.

At least two hundred cops patrolled the park or stood around its boundary.

The Warren camp set up a double camera riser, with still photographers on a higher level behind the big cameras.

Usually I have to shoot between those tripods with people next to them, unless I get in place very early.

The double height riser meant I was high enough to shoot over them — except for one tall guy with a tall tripod right in the middle.

There were lots of merchants selling Warren swag. None of the money was going to the Warren campaign. Private industry was thriving.

The only opposition present was the Revolutionary Communist Party — a Stalinist group that doesn’t believe in elections.

Jo Freeman has published eleven books and hundreds of articles. She is currently finishing a history and memoir of working for SCLC in 1965-66.