In this episode, we have a conversation with Alex Press, a staff writer at Jacobin magazine who covers a range of topics around labor in the United States, including the gig economy.

We talked about the gig economy, what’s at stake for companies in and workers in categorizing workers as employees, contractors, or some new third category, and the divided response from organized labor over gig work. 

What We Talked About

Silicon Valley Wants to Entrench the Gig Economy and Neutralize the Labor Movement,” Jacobin Magazine

With Prop 22’s Passage in California, Tech Companies Are Just Writing Their Own Laws Now.” Jacobin Magazine

The PRO Act Could Transform the Labor Landscape.” Jacobin Magazine.

Other Writing by Alex Press

Bookforum: Prime Mover: Amazon’s role in American inequality    

The New Republic: The Alabama Town That Could Defeat Jeff Bezos

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