As of Wednesday morning, November 16, the part-time faculty at The New School, who have collectively been without a contract for several days, have gone on strike. While we at Public Seminar are not represented by UAW Local 7902, our team is a mix of unionized and non-unionized labor who have agreed to respect the parameters set by our striking colleagues: we will not cross physical picket lines, nor will we cross the digital picket line to pursue university-based work.

Public Seminar has suspended publication, and you will not receive our newsletter until the strike is over. We will not be accepting pitches, or answering queries. When the university and the union have resolved their differences and arrived at an understanding that will result in a new contract, allowing our part-time colleagues to return to work, we will return. 

We regret the inconvenience to our readers, and to authors whose work hangs in limbo until further notice. On the other hand, we invite our community to take this opportunity to return to our archives for as-yet undiscovered gems, and articles that they may wish to re-read.

Until soon,

James Miller and Claire Potter

Co-executive editors, Public Seminar