The editors of the Imaginal Politics vertical at Public Seminar are excited to announce their partnership with the organizers of the 2018 Arendt-Schürmann Symposium in Political Philosophy at the Philosophy Department of the New School for Social Research. This year’s Symposium, entitled “Philosophy and Coloniality” represents an overdue focus on the ways that philosophy is connected to the colonial project. The organizers ask “How is the idea of philosophy as a distinctively Western cultural form inevitably imbricated with the duress of imperialism and colonialism? What is the relationship between philosophy and coloniality, understood, broadly speaking as the condition generated by the politics of colonialism?”

This focus is welcomed by the editors at Public Seminar’s Imaginal Politics vertical. As a result, we look forward to working together with the organizers of the Symposium to advertise the event and share some of the work being done by the speakers, many of whom are traveling long distances to come share their work with us in New York. Finally, we will share recordings from the talks, which will allow our large audience outside the area to get direct access to much of the discussion taking place.

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