On March 8, women from over 50 different countries around the world will participate, on their own terms, in an International Women’s Strike.  Read here to learn more about what the strike means to them.  We invite you to share your strike by emailing your story to: <submissions@publicseminar.org>

Previous Women Strike posts include, Beyond Lean-in and Call to Participate in International Women’s Strike

Responses by:

…Shut up and smile — by Mayra Cotta
…Lean in — by Julienne Obadiah
…Defer to others’ definition of ‘strike’ — by Cinzia Arruzza
…Accept refusals of my union — by Sidra Kamran
…Accept institutional hypocrisy — by Indigo Olivier
…Feel guilty — by Chiara Bottici
…Publish this poem under my own name — by Anonymous
…Not shop at corporate or any stores controlled by men — by Joyce Tzovaras Smith
…Lose — by Anonymous
…Lean in — by Jennifer Lenow
…Cook for her — by Marta Martinez
…Leave organizing to someone else — by Elaine Lewinnek 


Schedule of NSSR Activities:






Preparing to Strike – intenSati WorkoutLet’s kick-start the day activating our mind and body with a class of Intensati!Natalia Mehlman-Petrzela (Assistant Professor of History, at NSSR)9.15am – 10am 

Fitness Studio – University Center, 63 5th Avenue, Room L205


Wellness Good Morning – Self Defense This a self-defense training only for people who identify as womenEbba Boye (Economics PhD Student at NSSR)10am-


Fitness Studio – University Center, 63 5th Avenue, Room L205

International Women’s Day of Action at the Graduate Center – Sign Making



Wear RED! We fight for an end to gender violence, especially towards working women, trans women, and women of color. Reproductive justice, labor rights, and environmental justice for all. Full social provisioning. An anti-racist, anti-imperialist, all-inclusive feminism.


Graduate Center PSC10am-12pmGraduate Center Cafeteria, 365 5th Avenue
How to Organize at Work: Women’s Strike, May Day, and BeyondJoin us for an open conversation and planning about organizing our workspaces


Labor Group, Women’s Strike NYC10am-


Event Café at University Center, 63 5th     Avenue

Femme in Film – Interactive Teach-in Workshop


In this International Women’s Day be heard and learn about women in film and find your voice at this interactive Teach-In! So often women are seen and not heard. How many women can you picture in films and then how many of these women can you quote? In this workshop we’ll talk about women who have made an impact in film, how we can progress in the male-dominated entertainment industry, participate in a writing exercise and then turn the camera on ourselves! I hope you will join me in this thought-provoking and motivating discussion as we women continue to make history.


Alana Zonan  (Film-maker currently producing a short film highlighting the voices of her fellow woman and what motivates them to fight today)10am-12pmUniversity Center, 63 5th Avenue, room 514
Getting Artsy with Parsons students and faculty 

Join Parsons students and faculty for some fabulous artsy activities of sign making using many different techniques. Bring you inner artist with you and help us make beautiful and creative signs for the rally!


Anke Gruendel (Politics PhD Student at NSSR and Professor at Parsons)10am- 2pmUniversity Center Lobby and Cafe
Resist Art Club

March Write-in

Come and celebrate International Women’s Day by sending a Parsons/New School made postcard to the representative of your choice, local or national. We will have a new set of postcards made from submissions we are collecting until March 3rd


Jess Irish  (Assistant Professor of Design and Technology and Director of Academic Affairs for the School of Art, Media and Technology at Parsons)10am-


University Center, 63 5th Avenue, Lobby
Know your Rights Workshop 

Legal observers play a crucial role monitoring and reporting on police behavior at demonstrations and other protest events by protecting and asserting civil and political rights. The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Legal Observer program is part of a comprehensive system of legal support designed to enable people to express their political views as fully as possible without unconstitutional disruption or interference by the police and with the fewest possible consequences from the criminal justice system.


Lamis Deek and Suzanne Adely  (National Lawyers’ Guild)12pm-1.30pmUniversity Center, 63 5th Avenue, L 102
Introduction to Feminist Thought and Action about violence against womenWith Monica Singh and Ram Devineni, we’ll be discussing and looking at two very popular comic books about acid throwing in India. Monica and Ram will discuss the kinds of political activism in which they are engaged, and we will look at images from the two brilliant Priya comic books.

  • Monica Singh, M.A. in Fashion Design from Parsons, is a motivational speaker, humanitarian and well known social activist for Violence Against Women at UN. She is an organizer confronting men’s violence, particularly incidences of acid throwing in India.
  • Ram Devineni is Producer and Co-Creator of the graphic novels, Priya’s Shakti and Priya’s Mirror. Ram is the author of two comics that popularize the feminist response to these terrifying attacks.


Ann Snitow  (Senior Lecturer in Liberal Studies & Associate Professor of Literature, at NSSR)12pm-1.15pmUniversity Center, 63 5th Avenue, room L104
International Women’s Day of Action at the Graduate Center – Rally 

Please let us know if you would like to speak! Wear RED! We fight for an end to gender violence, especially towards working women, trans women, and women of color. Reproductive justice, labor rights, and environmental justice for all. Full social provisioning. An anti-racist, anti-imperialist, all-inclusive feminism.


Graduate Center PSC12.30pm-1.30pmFront steps of the Graduate Center, 365 5th Avenue
Pratt Recognizes Women’s Labor of Past and PresentOur solidarity action at Pratt is basically focusing on “the celebration of the women seen and unseen in our past and present who have paved the path for us, the women of today”. We will be writing notes to thank and recognize these pioneering women and the women workers of Pratt who make our lives at Pratt easier. We will write notes on stickers to stick on our jackets, back packs or wherever to bring public awareness to women’s wage labor and struggles. We will wear red and pass out red paper rose bouttonierres.


Darini Nicholas   (Adjunct Instructor at Pratt)12.30pm-


Pratt’s Brooklyn Campus, near The Clock
Days Under Trump: how do you see yourself as a woman under the current political context?Join us and tell your story! We are making a photography project about the days under Trump, and women’s voices must be heard.


Lucia Nader (Brazilian Activist and Human Rights Researcher)1pm-


University Center, 63 5th Avenue, Lobby
Intersectional Feminist Perspectives 


Come learn about and discuss intersectional feminist with activists and the Professor Ashley Bernal.


Ashley Bernal (PhD Student at Milano)1.30pm-


University Center, 63 5th Avenue, Room 202
Introduction to Feminist Economics 

Come to this student-led class on feminist economics and learn more about Economic thought from a feminist perspective.


Katherine Moos (Economics PhD Student at NSSR)2pm-


Wolff Conference Romm – 6 E 16th st, 11th floor
Flyering        in the neighborhood TNS community will come together – student, faculty and staff – to flyer and invite people to join the rally. We will meet at the lobby of the University Center and walk together through the neighborhood on our way to the rally.


Julia Ott   (Associate Professor of History at NSSR)2pm-


University Center, 63 5th Avenue, Lobby
I Saw the Sign – International Women’s Day sign-making partyJoin us for an afternoon of solidarity and sign-making as we gear up for the International Women’s Strike rally at Washington Square Park at 4:00! Come by, make conversation, make a sign, maybe even learn a thing. Some poster board and markers will be provided, but please bring more if you have them!


Anti-fa-losophy Group, NSSR2pm-


Courtyard at 66 W 12th st
Sanctuary Campus Campaign meeting and planning 

Students from The New School, NYU, Columbia and CUNY involved in the Sanctuary Campus Campaign will meet and strategize about creating a cross-campus effort to pressure schools’ administrations. Join us to learn more about it and to help us to crate Sanctuary Campus in NYC.


Sanctuary Campus Cross-Campus Coalition3pm-


Courtyard at 66 W 12th st
Intersectional Women’s Day SpeakoutThe Women’s Strike on March 8th promises to be another major event in the developing resistance to Trump’s America. Here at NYU, we hope to use this opportunity to build collaboration and solidarity between student groups working on different progressive causes. As such, we are proposing a speakout for NYU students to be held before the rally at Washington Square begins, as a space for us to meet one another and hear about how our different causes intersect with the politics of the Women’s Strike. Afterwards, we can walk to the rally in Washington Square Park as a progressive NYU contingent! The speakout will be relatively informal- anyone who wants to will have an opportunity to address the crowd. Join us in building a bigger and better-organized left at NYU!


International Socialist Organization/NYU3pm-


Washington Square Park, at the fountain
International Women’s Day – Rally and Walk Out at LowWe (Columbia Against Trump) believe that in order to defend women’s rights, we need an actively fighting women’s movement. We must put in the work to build a feminism for the 99% in the wake of the failures of corporate feminism. In the face of the defunding of Planned Parenthood, the chipping away of women’s reproductive rights and calls for an all out reversal of Roe v. Wade, increasing numbers of hate crimes against trans women, and a growing culture of misogyny, the time to act is now. ACTION ENDORSED BY Graduate Workers of Columbia (GWC-UAW), Student-Worker Solidarity, Barnard-Columbia Socialists (International Socialist Organization), Minorities And Philosophy Columbia Chapter, Columbia Students for Human Rights


Columbia Against Trump3pm-


Low Memorial Library (W Sixteenth St, between Broadway and Amsterdam Ave.)